Founding Vision:

"A little spark of an idea"

“How do you safely store more bikes, in less space, whilst not affecting access?”

It all started with just a little spark of an idea. A brief moment in time looking at a problem and thinking surely I can create a solution to this.

I have spent my whole life riding and enjoying bikes and reaping the long lasting benefits that comes from them. Riding for pleasure, various levels of racing, use as personal transport and even designing them as an engineer. They always have been, and always will be a part of my life... even if they are pain to store!

Life changed when I had a family. The space we once had to store bikes was suddenly compromised and I had a choice; find a better storage solution or sell some bikes! That is how Stashed Products was born. Built
around a mantra to provide the best bike storage systems to people just like me. No compromises in design, manufacturing, quality, aesthetics or environmental responsibility.

Through improving how equipment is stored in your home or workspace, I want to reduce the barriers to bike access and use and encourage healthy living through a physical and mental balance of space.

Don’t let poor storage stop you living the life you want.  

Elliot Tanner / Founder

Our Mission:

Life stored better


Great kit helps us to live
the lifestyle we choose


We create space saving storage
and access for your kit


Innovative, effective and well
designed storage systems

Our Design Philosophy:

Innovation Aesthetics Simplicity


The best ideas are simple. They work the best and last the longest. Nothing is over engineered and nothing is there which is superfluous to function. We design, test and manufacture in-house; we know our products and what makes them great.


Innovation is at the core of everything we do, if it isn’t then we don’t make it. Stashed Products takes a different approach to other storage products as we provide a system; something that is complete when purchased and works as a well-oiled machine to provide significant advantages.


We know our products are used in beautiful residential environments around the world, but also in the hardest working of commercial workshops. They must look right in both. We are proud to build great looking products with aesthetic appeal.