Our manufacturing promise:

High quality, Direct & Local

High Quality

We don’t make the cheapest products; we make the best. That means using only quality materials and intelligent design to make a superb product.

We have a pedigree for stuff like this and a long history of producing high quality reliable products that people trust their lives to.  From our quality fasteners to our rigorous internal testing - no detail is overlooked.

Every hardware product that leaves our factory is 100% hand built and quality checked by our team. We are so confident in this that we offer a 2-year no quibble warranty.


All of our hardware products are manufactured in Wales, UK and assembled in our factory in Llanberis.

We manufacture as much as we can in-house to control quality and production processes, and then outsource specific skills to quality local suppliers. Our supply chain is short and geographically tight to ensure we can meet the demands of customers and maintain reactiveness without incurring high volume Co2 impactful shipping from abroad.

Just local people, supplying locally made components.


You buy straight from us, the manufacturer. That is how we maintain a competitive price whilst providing a higher quality product compared to other brands.

You get a better level of technical support as we know the products inside out and we miss out the middlemen.

Want to ask us a question, just pick up the phone, email us or come see us at our factory.

high quality and construction of bike rail