Stashed SpaceRail nailed it – Bike Rumor’s ‘Top Pick’ for 2022

Stashed SpaceRail nailed it – Bike Rumor’s ‘Top Pick’ for 2022

Stashed SpaceRail nailed it – Bike Rumor’s ‘Top Pick’ for 2022

It’s been a whirlwind of hooks, rails and packing boxes since we launched our SpaceRail bike storage system earlier this year.

It goes without saying that we’re passionate about our product, but to hear that Jessie-May, editor of Bike Rumor, feels that way too, really is the icing on the Christmas cake! We’re super stoked to hear that our system is Jessie-May’s top pick for 2022, nailing the ‘Off the Bike’ category.

Here’s a little taster of what Jessie-May had to say...

“I live with my partner in a two bedroom flat, the latter of which serves as an office and workshop. We both work from home, so space is at a premium in this household. Prior to this setup, I had just two bicycle hooks mounted to the wall, and the rest of my test bikes would just sort of lean against one another up against another wall. It was sub optimal to say the least; getting the bikes in and out on any given day required a fair amount of juggling, along with use of a few choice swear words.

Needless to say the Stashed SpaceRail has revolutionized the space, and the daily in and out of bikes is a much more seamless, stress-free affair. I have two rails with 6 hooks - the two are joined together, so all the hooks can slide back and forth between the two rails. And they can rotate. On this set up, I can add another two hooks to store a maximum of 8 bikes at any one time. The Space Rail has been flawless.”

To read the review in full and check out Jessie-May’s other top picks for 2022 grab a brew and your nearest credit card, before heading over to Bike Rumour believe me when I say that we’re keeping very good company on the Top Picks list!

What an awesome way to end our year!