Commercial Bike Parking

Commercial Bike Parking

Commercial Bike Storage Systems

Stashed Bike Parking solutions are designed for commercial enterprises, businesses and offices where every square metre of storage space needs to be used effectively. As more businesses provide cycle to work schemes, demand for employee bike parking is growing. That’s why we work closely with planners, developers and architects worldwide – to design bike storage solutions that save space and are secure.

We can help to plan your bike parking project and can create floor plans and layouts using our SpaceRail bike storage system. Contact us today for Google SketchUp CAD files so you can start planning your bike parking facilities in your office building, café, museum, shop or residential development.


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save room in your off using bike storage systems
Offices, museums, cafes, hotels & residential developments

SpaceRail is universal so you can be assured any bike can be stored on it. No special mounts or versions required

SpaceRail bike storage system allowing customers the room they need for other activities
Improve your staff wellbeing

With more people cycling to work bike parking has never been more important. Installing well thought out bike storage ensures those who commute can work knowing their bikes are stored safely

home bike storage made easy
Become a bike friendly location

Ensure your property is bike friendly and encourage cycling based customers by providing safe and secure bike storage

Hang, Spin, Store - it's that easy.

The SpaceRail from Stashed can save your business up to 50% space, compared to other bike storage systems available on the market.  Imagine being able to double the number of bikes you have, without having to find more space in your workshop, storage area or office. Simply hang your bikes, then rotate alternate bikes by 180⁰ - this prevents handlebars from touching each other, allowing bikes to be safely stored, closer together.

Our bike storage systems and racks deliver unrivalled versatility that makes life easier  for your staff and saves your business money too. SpaceRail’s universal hooks hold every type of bike, including heavy e-bikes.  There’s no need to buy different attachments, or waste time looking for the right rack to return your bikes to.  Adjustable tokens in the rail protect bikes and patented auto-lock tech stabilizes unweighted hooks for easy loading.

SpaceRail can be mounted to walls, ceilings or angled ceilings. Easily converting unused commercial spaces into bike parking areas for your employees or to fit more bikes into your building. Our bike storage systems can be combined with industrial racking as well - ideal for businesses who require  a no-drill, fixing-free bike storage solution that won’t affect internal structures.

2-year commercial warranty

Our products are backed with a 2-year unlimited use warranty policy, even for commercial and workshop use


We ship worldwide with our delivery partner DHL who provides an easy and seamless transport and import service


All components are available separately through our website to ensure your SpaceRail continues to works for you and can be extended as your activities grow

Store more bikes in less space

SpaceRail saves space by reducing distances between bikes when they are in storage.

Traditional systems such as hooks or wheel hangers work well for individual bikes – but as they are fixed, you need to leave sufficient room around each bike so they can be accessed when you need them. Folding or articulating systems improve access, but they still take up more storage space than SpaceRail does.

The sliding rail and fully rotating hook, allows alternate bikes to be rotated 180⁰ - this means no more tangled handlebars and bikes can be stored much closer together – reducing space between bikes to around 150mm compared to 400mm for other systems. Spacing tokens can be inserted in the rail, so customers can choose how cosy they want their bikes to be! SpaceRail promises to give you your space back and in business, that’s a valuable commodity.

Our SpaceRail Storage Systems take up 50% less space than traditional systems, allowing you more room at your house and office

Before SpaceRail – storing bikes was always a compromise between saving space and retaining access.

This is precisely the problem we set out to solve. It’s SpaceRail’s sliding rail and rotating hooks, that set it apart from other bike storage systems. The sliding rail makes it easy to move bikes, so when you’ve found the bike you need, you simply unhook it and you’re good to go.

Each hook is rated to carry 30kg and each standard ceiling mounted section of rail can hold up to 120kg – more than enough to cope with hefty e-bikes!

Allowing for easier access than traditional systems, check out what room we can save for you

Get in contact for a custom quotation or for advice on how SpaceRail can help your bike storage problem.

The Lodge Hotel: Commercial Bike Storage

The Lodge at Staylittle offers outstanding cycling holidays and tours in the heart of Mid-Wales.

Space is a valuable commodity when you’re running a business and the Lodge was no different. With limited storage space and up to sixteen bikes on a tour -  bikes were often leant up against each other, which is not acceptable when handling customers’ bikes.

The Lodge started looking for a better storage solution, and it was the appeal of SpaceRail's universal hooks, that sealed the deal.

“Every tour brings us a diverse selection of bike types and sizes.  Having the ability to stow every kind of bike safely and quickly was precisely what our business needed. SpaceRail has allowed us to store the same number of bikes, using less space, whilst reducing risk of damage to prized customer bikes. We aim to provide our clients with the best experience possible, so it was awesome to find a storage system that reflects our own high standards.”

Phil Stasiw / owner of The Lodge at Staylittle