Space saving

SpaceRail saves space by reducing the centerline distances between bikes during storage. Traditional bike storage, such as a stationary wall or ceiling hooks and wheel hangers suffice for hanging one bike, but if you want to hang more then you need to leave space around each bike for access. This normally means that bikes have to be spaced at least 350mm-400mm apart and at different heights.

Although folding and articulating systems improve access, bikes are still limited on how close together they can be. SpaceRail facilitates bike spacings down to 150mm by rotating, sliding and overlapping bikes, which means your bikes are stored as close together as they can be to reduce storage volume. Add the included spacers to increase spacing by up to 25mm each side for wider bikes or if you just want to keep your bikes further apart. Floor space is freed up and when bikes are not on the SpaceRail the system is unobtrusive, allowing space for other uses.

Our SpaceRail Storage Systems take up 50% less space than traditional systems, allowing you more room at your house and office
Better Access

Traditional bike storage is always problematic when access is required. With SpaceRail your bikes can be slid along the rail for better access, putting them in a position for easier and safer loading and unloading.

Better access means it is easy to charge your E-bike too, simply slide the other bikes out of the way, plug your charger in and then slide them back.

Allowing for easier access than traditional systems, check out what room we can save for you
Easy to use

The SpaceRail Bike Hook has a built-in anti-fumble mechanism which ensures it does not move when unloaded. This makes hanging your bike super easy and is suitable for use by adults of all ages with varying capabilities and strengths. Once loaded, the mechanism automatically disengages and allows your bike to rotate and slide with ease.

Strength and Security

Once bikes are overlapped together it is much easier to secure your bikes using a chain or D-Lock, saving money on the number of expensive locks required and keys to loose.

As the world has embraced E-bikes we know it is important to store these heavier bikes too, therefore our hooks can support up to 30kg. But even with heavy bikes, your rims are protected with the polymer hook covers which spread the load.

improve security on your bike storage

As your family grows, so does the SpaceRail. Simply add extra rail sections and hooks when needed and there is no need to change hooks just because you changed
bikes, as our hooks work with all bike types and sizes. You can even hang two small bikes in series off one hook, or use the hook for other difficult to store items.

We’ve added the option to hang your coat and helmet on the hook too, so you have somewhere to store them after a wet and muddy ride!

diagram of bikes being hung, store more bikes in less space
Responsibly designed, manufactured and delivered

In our view, manufacturers have an obligation to consider the environmental impact and lifecycle of products they produce. All of our hardware is manufactured in the UK and each part can be replaced with simple hand tools.

Our commitment exceeds just the responsible design of the product. We have a policy of zero plastic or cellotape in our packaging and everything is delivered in FSC approved recycled cardboard. We encourage you to recycle or compost this at home.

Built forever

High quality materials and UK manufacturing ensures your SpaceRail is built to last. Other products use cheaper inferior metals and finishes which will eventually corrode. We only use Stainless Steel and high-grade aluminium alloys to ensure your SpaceRail looks just as good in 10 years time.

If any part of your product wears, then we have a full range of spares available from our website. We only sell directly to our customers, so you get the best product and technical support.

Super easy to install

One SpaceRail Kit can support up to 4 bikes, so it is faster to install than traditional systems which need to be installed individually. Simply screw the SpaceRail to your supporting structure using the quality fasteners included in your kit, install the hooks and then hang your bikes.

easy to install and use