Where can I buy Stashed Products?

Online only and directly from us through our website.

I don't live in the UK, can I buy from Stashed Products?

Yes! Our website will accept International orders directly and in your local currency. Please add the items to your cart and proceed to checkout to see live shipping rates.


My trolley will not move when hung, what is wrong?

Your bike is not heavy enough to unlock the mechanism. Ensure you have applied enough load to the Trolley to disengage the auto-lock mechanism and check it is clear of debris.

My bikes hit each other when I slide them next to each other, how can I stop this?

Add Spacers to increase Trolley width. Move bikes more gently to reduce chances of impact. Add Pedal Wraps for extra protection.

Will I damage my bike hanging it from its wheel?

No! The SpaceRail puts a very low load on your bike compared to the forces put through your bike during normal cycling.

Will I damage my rims?

No! The Hook has a wide contact area and the Hook Cover is made from plastic so will not damage or scratch your rims.

Can I get spare parts for my product to rebuild it?

Yes! All parts are available separately on our website.

The Bike Hook is scraping the cut out in the Rail during movement, what am I doing wrong?

Bike Hook is being loaded unevenly and is angled too far. Remove load and reposition to
centralise load.

My Bike Hook keeps rolling on its own, what is wrong?

Check the levelness of your Rail. Adjust with shims or packing components if necessary.

Can I shorten the Rail?

Yes! You can cut the Rail to any length you require, but be sure to deburr the ends well with a small file. We recommend using a power chop saw with a blade suitable for aluminium. Do not attempt this with a hack saw. If you require a shorter Rail and are purchasing it new, please get in contact as we can shorten it for you.

My Trolley gets stuck in the joint, is that right?

No! Rails are not positioned or aligned correctly. Remove all bikes, adjust Rails and refit. Ensure not gaps between the end of the Rail and center of the Joiner.

I cannot spin my bikes or access them easily, what can I do to help this?

Change bike order to improve access. Rail length is not long enough so add additional SpaceRail Extension Kit.

How many Rails can I join?

The number of Rails that can be joined together is unlimited and is only constrained by the support structure. Consult a structural engineer to determine the maximum load the structure can support.

Can I wash my Pedal Wraps?

Do not machine wash as this will potentially damage the Neoprene. Where possible brush dried dirt off and wash by hand with mild detergent if necessary. Never tumble dry your Pedal Wraps!


Can I recycle Stashed Products packaging at home?

Yes! Absolutely! The majority of our packaging is biodegradable in normal home composting or can be recycled in household recycling collections.