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We are not perfect

Our responsibility to the world is a continuous work in progress

Dear Customers,

We are on a journey to reducing our impact on the environment. Our outlook and goals will develop over time as we reach and further ramp up our environmental promises.

Fundamentally we make high quality products with materials that will last generations. They won’t rust or degrade and are intended to look as good as new again after years of use, bucking the trend of the throwaway society and approach of competing products.

By sourcing our hardware locally and reducing the length of our supply chain, we limit the movement of goods around the world. This reduces our carbon footprint, supports our local economy, stimulates growth and enhances the community around us.

The humble bike is a great transport solution. By removing the hurdles to its use by providing a space saving storage system, there really is no excuse not to use your bike more. Our SpaceRail system gives you space in your life to encourage a healthy lifestyle; that means encouraging using alternative methods of transport that don’t burn fossil fuels thereby reducing Co2 output.

We ensure different composition materials are never permanently bonded together. This means no glue and no impossible to disassemble designs. The product can always be broken down in to its individual material components and easily recycled.

No Stashed Product should ever be discarded due to damage or excessive use. We supply rebuild kits, so if it ever looks tired it can be refreshed easily with simple tools. All parts are clearly marked with material composition so they can be recycled through local centres.

All production happens in our factory which uses solar cells to keep the lights on and the coffee machine running!

The Stashed Products Team

We have a focus on
High quality

Going against the grain of the throwaway society, our products are made from high quality materials that will last.

Always remember to
Configure; Reconfigure

Changed bikes? No need to throw anything away or buy anything else. Our hooks are universal so you can hang any bike on any hook.

All our products are
Rebuildable for life

We commit to supplying spare parts for the life of your product direct from our website.