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Container Kits

No drilling or welding required, simply drop in to your existing 10ft, 20ft, 30ft or 40ft container to create secure and weatherproof bike storage.

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SpaceRail Bike Storage Kits for Containers

Businesses, commercial enterprises and homes are increasingly using shipping containers to meet their storage needs. There are obvious benefits – shipping containers are transportable, watertight, secure and in many cases don’t require planning permission either. Inspired by how our commercial customers have used SpaceRail to maximise their space in containers or small units – we’ve developed our brand new shipping container bike storage kits.

Kits come with everything that’s required to install a SpaceRail Bike Storage System into your container.  Whether it’s 10ft or 40ft or every size in-between, our kits will transform your container into a lean, mean bike storing machine without needing to drill or weld your container. All kits simply bolt in to to place utilising lashing eyes within your container.

If you’re in the business of bike hire, you’ll be astounded by just how many bikes can fit into a standard 20ft container. In commercial settings, where space saving is a key priority, remove the protective rail tokens to store bikes even closer together. You can double your bike rental fleet, without having to find any more space.

When it comes to security, businesses have discovered that containers offer unrivalled peace of mind. They are super secure, difficult to penetrate, and bikes can be chained together inside, for a pretty bullet proof bike storage solution. You might even find that you’re saving a little on your insurance premium too!

Bike storage kits are designed to drop into your container, using the lasting eyes. They won’t affect internals and are easy to remove or reconfigure.


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Drop In Framework

Simply bolt our premade kit together and drop it in to your container to create a ready made bike store.

Shipping container filled with Stashed SpaceRail storage systems
Position anywhere

Other system require endless screws to be put through your precious container, whereas the SpaceRail kit allows you to position the rail at any location in your container.

render of how much space is saved when Stashed SpaceRails are built into s storage container
Store more bikes in less space

SpaceRail saves space by reducing distances between bikes when they are in storage.

Traditional systems such as hooks or wheel hangers work well for individual bikes – but as they are fixed, you need to leave sufficient room around each bike so they can be accessed when you need them. Folding or articulating systems improve access, but they still take up more storage space than SpaceRail does.

The sliding rail and fully rotating hook, allows alternate bikes to be rotated 180⁰ - this means no more tangled handlebars and bikes can be stored much closer together – reducing space between bikes to around 150mm compared to 400mm for other systems. Spacing tokens can be inserted in the rail, so customers can choose how cosy they want their bikes to be! SpaceRail promises to give you your space back and in business, that’s a valuable commodity.

Our SpaceRail Storage Systems take up 50% less space than traditional systems, allowing you more room at your house and office

Before SpaceRail – storing bikes was always a compromise between saving space and retaining access.

This is precisely the problem we set out to solve. It’s SpaceRail’s sliding rail and rotating hooks, that set it apart from other bike storage systems. The sliding rail makes it easy to move bikes, so when you’ve found the bike you need, you simply unhook it and you’re good to go.

Each hook is rated to carry 30kg and each ceiling mounted standard section of rail can hold up to 120kg – more than enough to cope with hefty e-bikes!

Allowing for easier access than traditional systems, check out what room we can save for you
Free fitting advise

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