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Rental & Demo Fleet Bike Storage

Storing large numbers of bikes as part of your business isn’t easy. You need to minimise cosmetic damage to your fleet, and in turn, make sure your bikes aren’t damaging the business environment around them. Most importantly, bikes need to be easily and safely accessed, by your team, when they’re needed for demos or routine maintenance. 

Storing and accessing bikes, really shouldn’t be this easy… In a world where time and space are money – our SpaceRail system will realise instant wins in both dimensions for your business. We can reduce the amount of time it takes your team to store and retrieve bikes, as well as ensuring, every square metre of your storage space is working as hard as it can, for you and your business enterprise.


Our products are backed with a 2-year unlimited use warranty policy, even for commercial and workshop use


We ship worldwide with our delivery partner DHL who provides an easy and seamless transport and import service


All components are available separately through our website to ensure your SpaceRail continues to works for you


Get in contact for a custom quotation or for advice on how SpaceRail can help your bike rental or demo fleet.

YT Bikes: Demo Fleet Bike Storage

YT Bikes offers a demo bike experience like no other. But with over 100 bikes in your demo fleet, how do you store them efficiently? That’s the problem Stashed solved for YT.

The YT warehouse already had good quality industrial racking installed so it was a relatively easy task to remove their system and install our SpaceRail Bike Storage System, by bolting it on to the racking. No drilling, no fixing to walls or ceilings and the ability to easily re-configure or move the racking within the warehouse if required. YT were able to make the most of their warehouse space immediately, without having to alter any internal structures at all. A very real advantage for businesses who rent their warehouse space.

close up on the glide rail of a bike storage system
Future Proof

As your fleet grows SpaceRail will grow with it. Simply add more rails or hooks as needed

bike storage system that is easy to use and makes your bikes look great
Protect Bikes

Even with high quantities of bikes, damage is reduced and your investment in inventory holds its value

bike storage system also can be used as a display unit
Fit Anywhere

Build SpaceRail bike storage systems in to your current setup or let us advise on how best to reimagine your bike storage areas

don't just leave your bikes to take up space
room saved in this warehouse using a SpaceRail bike storage system
Store more bikes in less space

SpaceRail saves space by reducing distances between bikes when they are in storage.

Traditional systems such as hooks or wheel hangers work well for individual bikes – but as they are fixed, you need to leave sufficient room around each bike so they can be accessed when you need them. Folding or articulating systems improve access, but they still take up more storage space than SpaceRail does.

The sliding rail and fully rotating hook, allows alternate bikes to be rotated 180⁰ - this means no more tangled handlebars and bikes can be stored much closer together – reducing space between bikes to around 150mm compared to 400mm for other systems. Spacing tokens can be inserted in the rail, so customers can choose how cosy they want their bikes to be! SpaceRail promises to give you your space back and in business, that’s a valuable commodity.

Our SpaceRail Storage Systems take up 50% less space than traditional systems, allowing you more room at your house and office

Before SpaceRail – storing bikes was always a compromise between saving space and retaining access. This is precisely the problem we set out to solve. It’s SpaceRail’s sliding rail and rotating hooks, that set it apart from other bike storage systems.

The sliding rail makes it easy to move bikes, so when you’ve found the bike you need, you simply unhook it and you’re good to go.

Each hook is rated to carry 30kg and each standard ceiling mounted section of rail can hold up to 120kg – more than enough to cope with hefty e-bikes!

Allowing for easier access than traditional systems, check out what room we can save for you

Trusted by professionals

SpaceRail has transformed our working space, making it more efficient and safer for all of our employees.

SpaceRail system can hang more than just bikes, like this logo
YT Bikes

We needed to make the most of our space and the SpaceRail has allowed us to do that. It’s easy to install, simple to use, and has improved the way we run our business.

The Riders Hub

Rental Bike Storage

Rental Bike Storage

Rental Bike Storage

The Riders Hub: Bike Rental Storage

The Riders Hub in Peaslake is a Specialized demo centre - with almost fifty bikes on site. Bikes are racked closely together - saving space and improving security. With many heavy e-bikes in their fleet, the strength of their SpaceRail Bike Storage gets tested daily.

Using the angled ceiling SpaceRail system has allowed The Riders Hub to use every millimetre of their compact storage unit. Bikes are racked closely together, to save on space and to allow them to be safely secured at the end of the working day.

With many heavy e-bikes in their fleet, their SpaceRail Bike Storage System gets put to the test every day. Of course, accidents can happen, which is why every system is backed up by our two year, no quibble guarantee.

store all your bikes in one place
Store more

Storing more bikes in less space means you can provide more bikes and more choice to your customers

Focus on important tasks

Get the right tools for the job, so bike storage and security are not a worry

Stashed shelf making it easy to charge your bike while it's in storage
E-Bike Compatible

All our systems are rated for E-bikes and are designed to help keep your fleet fully charged


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