3.... 2.... 1.... the SpaceRail launches! Space saving bike storage!

3.... 2.... 1.... the SpaceRail launches! Space saving bike storage!



Welcome to Stashed Products

Everyone wants more space in their lives, right? A bigger garage, a bigger car, more space to store your kit? You would love to buy that extra bike, wouldn’t you? But there just isn’t space to store it.

Covid19 made us all re-evaluate the space we live in and emphasised the importance of organising life’s possessions to make it more enjoyable to spend time in our homes. Elliot Tanner, our founder, was no different.

During the first lockdown of the pandemic, Elliot was re-organising his garage and found himself faced with the challenge of having too many bikes for the space available. This was accentuated with the additional disruption that had come with the arrival of his newborn daughter, making him realise he had to make the best use of the space he had. An engineer and inventor with a passion for cycling, Elliot has drawn on his 15 years of experience in R&D to develop a solution for a problem many of us face.

Traditional bike storage systems have always compromised bike storage volume and access. Store them close together to save space and then they are incredibly difficult to access. Store them far apart for better access, but they take up an incomprehensible amount of space.

This is when the concept of the SpaceRail was born, an innovative bike storage system that allows bikes to be overlapped to reduce their storage volume by up to 50% and is adaptable for a wide range of spaces and expanding quantities of bikes, whether that is for yourself or your family. But compact storage is nothing without easy access, so it is designed so each bike can be slid out into free space to pick the one you want and make it easy to lift down. Don’t compromise space or access with the SpaceRail.

With his engineering skills, passion for quality, innovation and pleasing aesthetics, the concept was developed and refined until he had a product that ticked all the boxes. Realising that this product would be the answer to so many people’s storage problems, Stashed Products was born.

Elliot and his team design, test and manufacture all hardware products in Wales, UK. Building quality products that are made to last, whilst minimising the impact on the environment. The SpaceRail is built from long-lasting aluminium and stainless steel and its components are all easily replaceable to maximise its life span, while the packaging is all recyclable and components are sourced locally.

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Don’t let poor equipment storage stop you from living the life you want. Get Stashed today!