Legal Disclaimer

  • Stashed Products is responsible for:
    • Advising on the maximum load ratings and installation methods of its products in its technical specifications and product manuals.
    • Ensuring the product is fit for purpose and complies to the technical specification.
  • Stashed Products is not responsible for:
    • Recommending the suitability of the product for your intended use or installation parameters.
    • The suitability of the structure to which the customer attaches the product to.
    • The structural soundness of the structure the customer attaches the product to.
    • The results of a poorly installed system that does not function as per the technical specification.
    • Any damage to the customers property through use of the product.
    • Death or injury through the misuse of the product.
    • Measuring and assessing the suitability of the product for its intended use within the customers property.
    • Ensuring the safety and the safety of the structure in terms of services such as gas and water pipes and electrical cables during installation.
    • Ensuring the product is used within the maximum load limits and dimensional installation requirements.
  • The Customer is responsible for Installing the product as per the instruction manuals.
  • Stashed Products will not be held liable for loss, damages, death, costs, expenses, loss of perceived profits or claims for compensation from the customer or a third party from anything that occurs due to a failure to follow the product installation instructions or abide by the technical limitations of the product.
  • If you have any concerns to the suitability of the product for your structure or the suitability of your skills to fit the product correctly, then please get professional help to ensure your installation is successful and safe to use.
  • If you have any concerns or need advice on the product, please contact:
+44(0) 3301 334 836
Stashed Products Limited,
Unit 1,
Y Glyn,
United Kingdom