Warranty Policy


  • Our products come with the following minimum warranties to the original owner from the date of purchase:
    • Hardware Products such as Rails, Trolleys, Brackets etc = Two years
    • Textile Products such as t-shirts, Pedal Wraps, Beanies, Bags etc = One year


  • This warranty does not extend to normal wear through usage, incorrect storage, poor maintenance, accidental damage, negligence, any modifications or alterations, corrosion, poor installation, or for any usage for which the product was not designed.


  • Our products are designed to be fit for purpose, but this does not mean they are indestructible or require no maintenance. Some components such as bearings and wheels are subject to natural wear over the life span of the product and premature failure can occur if installed incorrectly, neglected or cleaned incorrectly i.e., with a pressure washer or harsh chemicals.


  • Your product must not have been exposed to strong UV during the lifespan of the product.


  • We are not liable for costs incurred by you to uninstall the product to return it for a warranty claim.


  • Our warranty will solely cover defects in materials or workmanship to the original owner only. Our warranty is not transferable to anyone else.


  • If it is deemed that a warranty claim is accepted then we will repair or replace at our discretion depending on the age, use and intended lifespan of the product.


  • Your product must have been purchased from stashedproducts.co.uk and you must have a proof of purchase including a valid order number.


  • Your product can only be returned to Stashed Products at the address below or ask us to arrange pick up.


  • If it is found that your product is not defective in materials or workmanship and no warranty claim is agreed, then we withhold the right to charge the cost of pick up and return postage of your product before we will release it back to you. Or you can arrange your own return delivery method. We will hold the product for a maximum of 3 months to give you ample time for collection, but after that time we will dispose of it.


  • Quite often minor issues can be resolved without needing to return the product to us. Please contact us with photos or videos to see if we can help first.


  • You must contact us to discuss your warranty claim before you return your product to us. We will provide you with a warranty claim ID number to help process your claim quicker.


  • Outside of the time span for our warranty period we will endeavour to help you by providing a reasonable cost repair service or helping you to repair the product yourself with new components. Spare components can be purchased from our website.


  • To start a warranty claim please contact us with the following details: 
    • Warranty claim ID if assigned
    • Full name
    • Contact email
    • Contact phone number
    • Your address
    • Date of purchase
    • Order number
    • Details of the fault
    • Images or videos of the fault


  • If we agree to start a warranty claim then please fill in our Returns/Warranty Form and return the product to:
Stashed Products Limited,
Unit 1,
Y Glyn,
LL55 4EL
United Kingdom
+44(0) 3301 334 836